MouseStopper mouse traps

A Mouse trap? Yes.
A better mouse trap? NO!
A more Effective System.

A mouse will find a way to get in most houses. A mouse can go undetected for months sometimes. Most people do not notice them unless they get into your food. Most houses with a basement could have a mouse or mice living in there. For some reason that mouse will make its way into your attic. But that mouse finds its way in at ground level and start out in your basement. This is where people hear them, most often it is when you are sleeping. Now that you have heard noise in your attic. what do you do. call someone or try and take care of it yourself. So you decide to deal with it yourself. But how. With all the different styles of traps out there. Let us save you some time. We have tried almost all of them. That is why we have developed Mouse Stopper. Check out our videos and then place an order. You will soon have the mouse in a trap. Once you do reset the trap so you can catch more. If you caught one you will catch more. As if one mouse found its way in others will. It will only be time.